Thursday, August 18, 2011

Evidence in the Night

Light Footsteps

 I like to use light and long exposure in photography. Although often said that a photograph catches a fleeting moment it can be argued that the moment is not constrained to being fleeting. My long exposures range from seconds to occasionally hours. Largely I shoot static scenes for the long-exposure aesthetic I am drawn to. But it is also fun to play with moving sources of light within a long-exposure. They provide a form of evidence attesting to the presence of an entity and the character of it's movement. These incidental lights sources are literally illuminating the fact that an object has passed through the frame. Modes of transportation provide a rich vein of long-exposure light play. Running lights trace the contours of the roads, illuminating the aesthetic of their design. Airports too - evidence of the fluid movement and the steady hands that command wings and steel. As a night photographer I can also stage little scenes with small portable light sources - flash light, bike light, neon glow sticks etc in what is loosely referred to as light painting. In Light Footsteps you see the flash light creates my ghostly footsteps proceeding up the path, otherwise I'm invisible. Are these accurate representations of my subject or am I manipulating the truth? Well, I'm using the mechanism of the camera as another way of seeing. As an eye that senses and records a picture different to how the naked eye and mind would process it.
And I put my own little artistic spin on it for style.

Exit 13

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